What is “folklore in real time”?

Twisted Hairs was conceived to tell the stories of North American folklore through the style of investigative journalism rather than the traditional means of an audiobook-style narrative. The goal is not simply to tell the story and discuss the characters but to meet them personally, traveling to the spaces inhabiting the legends and to become, in our own small way, part of the myth itself. We don’t seek to reinterpret the supernatural into something safe and far away but to experience it up close in all of its raw unpredictability, giving the characters involved a voice to speak for themselves.

Is this show supposed to be funny?

Absolutely. It’s also supposed to scary, weird, interesting, sad, happy, frightening, ridiculous, tongue-in-cheek, self-conscious, risky, and totally real. Just like life.

Do you use sound effects or is the audio 100% real?

Without giving too much away, remember that this show is ultimately an entertainment program, and is thus intended to be entertaining. However, though we do include a soundtrack of creepy and interesting music* to accompany the episodes, we do not seek to misrepresent what is recorded in the field. Any processing we do with field audio is simply to enhance what’s already there, making it clearer and more enjoyable for the listener.

Why don’t you use EVP or other “Ghost Hunter”-style techniques?

Mainly because our show is not just about ghosts. We’re a show about folklore, and folklore comes in many varieties. Also, it’s our policy not to get too scientific in our interactions with the unknown. Why? Because we’re seeking to experience the stories in a raw and visceral way, in the moment. Too much gear and skepticism mucks things up.

Why don’t you guys investigate more murders or serial killings?

Typically, murder isn’t folklore, and frankly, these types of “true crimes” are already being investigated by professionals who have a lot more skill than we do. Sometimes murder and other crimes may be a part of the story, but it’s not our main focus. Also, we don’t intend to solve any crimes.

Do you ever get scared?

Uh, yes.

Something weird happened to me. Can I share it with you to be considered for an episode?

Please do! You can use this handy contact form here. We will not be able to feature everyone’s stories individually, but we will consider them when planning future episodes on similar subjects.

*find out more about the music featured on our show here.